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Native speakers of any language use idioms, slang words, and cultural references all the time in everyday and professional settings. But the meaning of these is not always clear, and it can be hard to figure out how to use them properly. Winning English is the solution. We’ll introduce and explain these complex language ideas in a simple and accessible way. In fact, see the example below. Soon you’ll be a pro!

To be “on board” means you have joined a community of some kind. It can be an informal group, a corporation, or in this case, the community of Winning English learners!

The phrases “to have you on board” or “to come on board” started in the world of boats and shipping. If you board a ship, you walk onto it - sometimes even on a wooden board (a flat piece of wood). If you board, you’re likely to be a member of the ship’s crew - that ship’s community.

With a slight change, we can also say as a greeting, “Welcome aboard!” That’s what you see in the picture above. We only use this greeting the first time someone joins.

To be “a pro” means to be a professional, as in you are an expert.

All of these phrases are appropriate in informal and professional settings.

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