Take your English skills to the next level

You’ve studied hard to learn English as a second language, and you have become an intermediate- to advanced-level English speaker. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to level up.

Learn English idioms, slang, and references

Native English speakers constantly use idioms, slang words, and cultural references in their everyday and professional communications. But these words and phrases can be confusing since you usually won’t find the meaning in the dictionary.

For example, to “level up” comes from the world of video games. It means to improve your abilities, to get better at a skill. When you complete a level in a video game, you go up in level - from 1 to 2, as an example. You “level up”.

Improve your comprehension

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Sound like a native English speaker

Not only understand English better, start sounding like a native speaker, as well! With a little bit of practice, you’ll find you can communicate more smoothly and efficiently with lifelong English speakers.

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