Winning English - Chosen to be featured by Substack - thank you to all

Substack kindly chose to feature Winning English this week. Welcome to all new subscribers, and thank you to all loyal subscribers!

Hello, everyone! Some special news in a special post today.

I’m proud to share that Substack chose to include Winning English among its featured newsletters this week - both on its home page and on its discovery page. I very much appreciate Substack helping me to help all of you by spreading the word!

I want to say welcome to all of the new subscribers who have joined this week! I hope you enjoy Winning English. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback you might have.

Of course, thanks a million to all of my loyal subscribers, as well! Honestly, I wouldn’t have kept going without all of you. Your support is invaluable, and I’m anxious to hear any feedback that you might have, too.

You might have noticed that I said “thanks a million” above. You know that I can never resist giving you some tips, tricks, and examples in every Winning English post. “Thanks a million” is an informal, friendly way to say thank you. Two similar phrases are “thanks a bunch” and thanks a lot”!

Notice that I’m using the exclamation point (!) there. In writing, be careful finishing a thank you with a period. (.) Sometimes that can be misinterpreted as being sarcastic - that is, you are mocking what the person has done for you. If you feel an exclamation point is too much excitement, it might be best just to use no punctuation at all.

Enjoy these previous posts

If you’re brand new to Winning English - or even relatively new - I wanted to highlight a few posts from the past. I’m up to 75 editions now. Please enjoy them all, but here are a few to get started:

  • I also had a pair of posts on euphemisms - that is, nice ways to say impolite or mean things.

  • Occasionally, I help out with grammar, including the confusing case of the many ways the plural of you is created in American English.

  • Are you curious how it all started? Check out the very first Winning English post!

Constantly upgrading

You might notice that I changed how I produced Winning English back in February. Originally I published a newsletter and a podcast, both using Substack. Since then, I’ve produced a newsletter, video, and podcast. The links to the videos and podcasts are in each newsletter.

Thank you

Again, thank you all - Substack and new and loyal subscribers - for being part of Winning English. You make this all possible. As always, remember, if you like Winning English, please tell a friend.

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